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I write. And then I write some more

I write fiction, essays, reviews, snarky opinion pieces, etc.

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Adventures of an American Liverpool Supporter At Anfield | World ...

Adventures of an American Liverpool Supporter At An...

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Destroying False Gods: An overview of the online magazine Squawk ...

Destroying False Gods: An overview of the online ma...


Thunderbird By Dorothea Lasky - The Rumpus.net

Thunderbird By Dorothea Lasky - The Rumpus.net

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The Ocean Between Us: Melville House | Structo magazine blog

The Ocean Between Us: Melville House | Structo maga...

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The Billfold

The Jobs I Almost Had

After graduating college and blowing my savings on a (relatively short) backpacking trip through the U.K., I flew out to help my girlfriend (now wife) move to California for graduate school. Most of my job hunting at this point had been firing out resumes to positions in the Los Angeles...

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The Billfold

My Last Hundred Bucks: Football, Heat Stroke, and Crying in Public

How'd you spend your last $100, Spenser?...

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The Billfold

Four Reasons You Aren’t Responding To My Job Application Email

1. You are a filthy scammer, and your Craigslist ad was just a ploy to get my e-mail address. I've blogged about this at length, and now I know that pretty much every Craiglist job ad is just a shady guy waiting to take advantage of innocent morons like myself....

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The Mixed Child With Pale Skin: a review of Rosebud Ben-Oni’s 'Solecism'

Solecism cover art © VAC/Rosebud Ben-Oni One of the greatest shortages in contemporary literature, at least up until the immediate present, is the lack of unique, fresh perspectives. As the world, ......

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Dogs of Brooklyn by Susie DeFord

When poets decide to collect what they consider to be some of their best work into a manuscript, there are seemingly thousands of choices to make. Should all the poems be similar in style? What abo......


Everything Sweeter and More Fragile Now

David Budbill's recent collection of poems, Happy Life, doesn't beg to be discovered; it smiles and waits for the reader to take its hand and take a walk through the woods. In an ever-growing sea o......


Love, An Index, by Rebecca Lindenberg

Love, An Index tells a beautiful and heartbreaking story, and at the heart of it is some of the most original and interesting poetry that I've come across in a long time. Once I attended a poetry r......